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Add setting about expire days 5 months ago
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Beautify interface 5 months ago
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Show entire shortened url 5 months ago
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Use Taiwan No.1 Tradition Chinese 5 months ago
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Update README.md 5 months ago
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Remove .gitignore 5 months ago
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Update README.md 6 months ago
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Add Server Source Code link 6 months ago
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Fix strange margin 6 months ago
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Update source code url 8 months ago
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Move bg image to imgur 8 months ago
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Edit messages 8 months ago
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Rename functions 8 months ago
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Edit header 8 months ago
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Remove server's source code 8 months ago
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Replace async/await with $.deffered 8 months ago
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Remove encapsulation of postUrls 8 months ago
  Pin Lin 19dbc37edb
Edit create urls route 8 months ago
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Change error code to 409 8 months ago
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Update source code information 8 months ago
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Update README.md 8 months ago
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Update location of ntut_url 1 year ago
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Update README.md 1 year ago
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Remove part about backend 1 year ago
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Update README.md 1 year ago
  Pin Lin e64c654e74 Merge branch 'public' of PinLin/ntut_url into master 1 year ago
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Update interface 1 year ago
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Finish website 1 year ago
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Show url list 1 year ago
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Redirect to static website 1 year ago
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Disable loading page when opened 1 year ago
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Allow random shorten url 1 year ago
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Rename Url.is_exist to check_name 1 year ago
  Pin Lin 5995b25a7c
Remove Url.find_all 1 year ago
  Pin Lin 4434900f90
Rename create function 1 year ago
  Pin Lin 98a1b28026
Rename find target function 1 year ago
  Pin Lin 0b095b6614
Rename controllers 1 year ago
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Rename routes.setting to routes.api 1 year ago
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Remove useless import 1 year ago
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Rename variables 1 year ago
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Remove /api/browse 1 year ago
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Remove secret code 1 year ago
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Remove debug print 1 year ago
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Rename api directory to controller 1 year ago
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Update README.md 1 year ago
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Don't order urls 1 year ago
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Create url 1 year ago
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Show urls in db 1 year ago
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Update index.html 1 year ago
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Create url list 1 year ago